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3d photography

These images have been rendered three-dimensional by the application of a perspex sheet, known as a lenticular. The technology has been around for years, but the quality of modern ink-jet printers means it is now more widely accessible. In the early 1980s I spent two years making holograms: very much a dark art requiring lasers, absolute darkness and a two-ton floating table as any movement during exposure resulted in no image at all.

It is possible to produce flash files to simulate the views obtainable with a 3d lenticular, but the effect produced has little in common with the finished result. The images shown here are also available in two-dimensional versions printed on fine art paper at 16 x 12 in.

The still lives are influenced by Dutch painters such as Willem Kalf and Jan de Heem, and made upon the premise that the images should work in two dimensions to be worthy of reproduction in three.

Martin Urmson

All photographs are the copyright of Martin Urmson